Psychic Medium, Chris Rush, an Old Soul Offering New Perspectives

Do you know the actual feeling of a “dream come true”, an ”A Hah moment”, or when you are thinking of someone and then they call you? Where do you feel it when you know it is your truth? Can a reading from a legitimate psychic medium get you some answers?

We all have questions about our lives, careers, families and the path we currently walk.  Are we on the right path? With so many choices, sometimes relying on our own intuition gets confusing and results in too much second guessing.

Times of reflection sometimes yield a need for some help, guidance and maybe just a nudge from the Universe. You may be blocked and having a fresh set of eyes to see, ears to hear or intuitive knowing to interpret your path, can offer some direction and comfort.

Chris Rush, a verified psychic medium and intuitive offers this guidance through his personal spirit guides as well as his intuitive gifts. Chris’s soul is one that has been around for eons and has gathered and used ancient, esoteric wisdom and knowing. Whether analyzing your current energetic signature during a reading or interpreting messages from the universe, you know Chris is not someone from a “psychic hotline”.

By using advanced visualization, Chris is able to tune into your energy either in person or remotely, and give you information you may be seeking.  This in addition to information you may not have known you needed as it exists on a plane not accessible to you, at least not immediately.

When accessing your individual energy field, Chris will also receive messages from his spirit guides who offer an even higher perspective of your particular need or situation.  All of this can help in a release and reset process.  Release negative thoughts and emotions by answering questions and resetting your path, giving you direction towards greater health, prosperity or relationships.

Chris will also guide you in what to pay attention to in your life.  What omens or coincidences are actually messages from our Source trying to guide you?  Is someone departed trying to communicate with you even now?  Chris Rush is a gifted psychic medium that can give you these answers.

Chris’s door is open and he would like to hear from you.

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